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In depth market research, is one of the foundations for the development of a company/product and a measurement of its success. In today's dynamic and connected world, markets are global. As a result, external influences are meaningful, and the exposure to new markets is easier. Changes in the market happen abruptly, and a small company's ability to instantly grow is rising. Though in order for all this to occur, you need a strong base, a base that is supported by an in depth market research, which assists in understanding the needs, and primarily assists in determining the correct timing and market destination. 

Re-Grow, is a research company with extensive experience in addressing a variety of customers needs, specializing in the world of technology and food. Our approach examines the business not only from the consumer’s perspective but also from the consumer’s, and thus is able to reflect a complete and objective picture. Our philosophy is simple, once you know how to ask the correct and precise questions, the answer to them is simpler. We work in full transparency with our costumers. So, if you interested in pushing your company forward and growing, we at Re-Grow are here for you and will be happy to assist.

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I am a Market Research Specialist, with significant experience addressing a large spectrum of cliental needs, specializing in the world of technology and food industry. I have a B.Sc degree in industrial engineering and management, and a master's degree in diplomacy from Tel Aviv University.

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